“Learn to talk to horses in a language they understand”

PROBLEMS When you own and love a horse it’s like a relationship. As with any relationship, problems can arise. Shady can help you with all of the common difficulties – bucking, bolting, rearing, napping, mounting etc etc, as well as some of the less common ones. He will also leave you feeling empowered and capable of coping on your own. Look forward to a new confident relationship, talking to the horse in his language.

PERFORMANCE Even the most capable of riders can find that something in their relationship can be stopping them from reaching their goals. Shady can help you with those niggling problems: horse won’t pick up the correct canter lead? frightened of the dressage boards? rushes between jumps? Or maybe you just can’t load your horse on competition days. There is a Shady horsemanship solution for all these problems, based on improving your connection with your horse.



Come and watch Shady demonstrate his methods with his own horses. Be entertained and inspired. Alternatively, attend a talk for a more in-depth educational experience.

Training Services



Ready to sign up for some Shady Horsemanship training? There’s a solution to suit your circumstances: join a course, have some one-to-one training, or organise a clinic for you and your friends.

Horsemanship Online Store



We sell a full range of kit and merchandise including training obstacles, props, books and more in our online store

Horsemanship Online Training

Sign up to the Shady Horsemanship online training course. You’ll learn all about his methods and techniques and get access to over one hundred videos. These highlight common training problems and their solutions as well as showing ways to improve ridden performance.

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