Would you like to understand your horse better and create a respectful, harmonious relationship both on the ground and in the saddle? Our horsemanship courses could be just the thing you need.

The horsemanship courses have a Level A and a Level B. In Level A you will learn groundwork techniques, while Level B is the riding section. This is where you will use the groundwork skills you have learned and practiced in level A and transfer them to your work in the saddle.

The course takes you through Shady’s
seven pillars, which is the structure on which Shady’s training methods are built.

The courses focus on:

  • Learning how horses communicate and how we can become leaders
  • Separating how you feel about your horse from how you feel about his behaviour
  • How to control your anger and emotions
  • Using positive reinforcement
  • What is required of us as horse owners
  • How to build harmony with the horse
  • Awareness of your body and how it affects the horse
  • Recognising different horse personalities and learning how to build a unique program for each of them


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Can’t attend a course? You can still follow Shady’s methods. Sign up to the online training, or buy Shady’s books:
“Feeling Safe”
and “Feeling Connected”.