Hertfordshire demo

Rickneys Lodge, Chapmore end, Ware, Herts,
SG12 0HD, Postponed until Sept 17th (due to Aug heat wave!)

Shady returns to his old stamping ground to meet up with some old friends and  make some new ones.

Come and see him work with dressage-horse-in-the-making Izzy, and then work with accomplished dressage rider Rachel and one of her horses.

There will also be a horse with a problem for Shady to help, and we’ll end with a Q&A session.

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Cheshire Game and Angling Fair

Sunday 7th August. Location – Peover Hall WA16 9HW

Come and watch Shady Horsemanship demonstrate how you can communicate with horses using their own language. Shady will be working with quarter-horse Sandy and Arabian Bayan, and between them they will show you how their connection works for both ridden and liberty work.

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Friday evening demonstration

Beaver Hall Equestrian Centre, ST13 7EZ, June 24, 6 pm

Come and join us at Beaver Hall and see Shady demonstrate his horsemanship methods and share knowledge that you can use to improve communication with your own horse.

Shady will start the demo working with warmblood dressage horse, Izzy. He will be showing how you can use horsemanship techniques to improve performance in traditional equestrian disciplines.

Next Shady will be working with a ‘problem horse’, demonstrating methods for addressing and overcoming problems.

As always, we’ll be finishing with a question and answer session!

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Come and see Shady at the

The Equine Lane Cheshire Horse Show

on Sunday 29th May.

Watch Shady Horsemanship demonstrate how groundwork exercises can be used to improve ridden work. Shady works with warmblood dressage horse Izzy to show how horsemanship techniques enhance performance.

Shady Horsemanship demonstrations are a great day out for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Come and watch as Shady demonstrates the importance of communication and body language, and the way these can affect your relationship with your horse. You’ll be entertained, inspired, and meet many like-minded people.

In each demonstration, Shady will pick three or four topics about building a connection with a horse and will demonstrate these using his own horses. Shady will also work with a ‘problem’ horse, and he will explain his methods for building the foundations to begin communicating with that horse in an effective way.

Through these demonstrations, Shady will help you to understand the partnership you could have with your own horse and he will explain how, through using his horsemanship methods, you can solve behavioural problems and bring out the more positive side of your horse.

At the end of a demonstration, Shady very much enjoys holding a question and answer session to give you an opportunity to ask anything that you may want more help or advice with.

For any queries about our demonstrations, please contact us below