Sign up to the Shady Horsemanship online training course. You’ll learn all about his methods and techniques and get access to over one hundred videos. These highlight common training problems and their solutions as well as showing ways to improve ridden performance.

In the course material, Shady works with horses of all ages from foals right up to veterans. It is never too late to improve the relationship that you have with your horse. The videos cover both ground work and ridden work. They address different riding disciplines, including dressage and jumping (horsemanship training isn’t always all about western riding).

As well as learning new practical skills, you’ll find out about the philosophy that underpins Shady Horsemanship. You will learn to read your horse’s behaviour much better and you’ll begin to communicate with him using his own language. You will be able to anticipate and deal with problems before they arise, and this leads to a happier horse and a happier human.

Shady adds new videos all the time, and holds regular live Q&A sessions online. You’ll also be the first to hear about new developments and events.

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