Come to a ‘Talking Horses’ event to hear Shady talk about his life’s mission of helping people to get along better with their horses.

Shady explains his philosophy of horsemanship, and the methods and techniques that he has developed over the years. He describes how Shady Horsemanship can help with all sorts of problems on the ground or in the saddle. It isn’t all about problems either, Shady Horsemanship can help you to improve your performance, and reach your riding goals, whatever the discipline.

If you’d like to organise your own ‘Talking Horses’ event for your riding club or group, please get in touch.


Next Talking Horses event…

March 11th 2023, Bourne End, Herts. Buy tickets at Talking Horses

‘Talking Horses’ events generally take place somewhere warm and comfortable, with refreshments on hand. While Shady cannot bring his horses along, there are many photographs of them as the talk is very well illustrated. There is also plenty of opportunities for you to ask Shady your own questions.

Shady usually brings a selection of horsemanship equipment that you can buy, as well as copies of his books, “Feeling Safe” and “Feeling Connected”.

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