A Personalised Service


If you have problems with your horse or feel that you are not reaching your full potential together, Shady Horsemanship can help. Shady can visit you at your yard, or you can send your horse to Shady for training.

Shady can help you with any problems that you have on the ground: leading, loading, clipping, vet and farrier visits. He can also help you with ridden issues, anything from just making you feel safe to ride your horse through to competing in any discipline. Shady provides personalised horsemanship training.


Shady Horsemanship comes to you

Shady can travel anywhere in the UK. When he comes to you, his aim is always to help you develop a better relationship with your horse by learning to use the horse’s own language. Shady likes to see for himself the difficulties that you’re having, and how you currently deal with them. Then he can take over and work with your horse. Shady will explain everything to you as he goes along, telling you the what, why and how of what he’s doing. Time permitting, he will encourage you to try for yourself, and will always leave you with exercises that you can practice.

Shady specialises in behavioural issues, and as well as problems that you have on the ground, he can help with all ridden disciplines. He will work on the horse and on your psychology, aiming to get you  to make a plan so you are ready to go on and achieve your goals.

The most popular service for home visits is a session every three weeks, with you having homework to do between each session.


Send your horse to Shady Horsemanship

For more concentrated training, you can send your horse to Shady. There are a number of training packages available, and, for each option, your horse will be at full livery at Woodhead Farm. The training includes you coming for a lesson with your horse at least once a week. You’ll be updated after every session Shady has with your horse. Shady wants you to be involved with the training as much as possible.



For any queries about our One to One packages, please contact us below