Shenley Stud


We have a comprehensive range of facilities and offer all types of services

Shenley Stud is located in Hertfordshire’s beautiful countryside and is a professionally run, friendly yard with caring staff. The yard caters for all levels of riding and has various packages to suit you and your horse. We have 22 large stables and offer full, part, training and grass livery (for training livery details please see our dedicated training livery page ). We can offer a choice of shavings or Easybed as bedding options and the yard has a secure coded gate entrance and 24 hour CCTV.

The yard has recently had some wonderful improvements including new drainage to our main arena, installation of cross country fences in our 900-acre hacking area, a new grass dressage arena, and a new indoor groundwork arena. In addition, we regularly install fixed and movable obstacles in the arena and hacking area to help build on horsemanship skills.

We have secure storage facilities for all our liveries and a separate rug room for drying any wet rugs. There are tea/coffee making facilities available and a toilet on site.
One of the most attractive things about our livery yard is the access to Shady Horsemanship. Lessons and training with Shady are available upon request with advance booking. Shady is also available at the yard 6 days a week



Our 15ft x 15ft brick built stables are spacious enough to accommodate the largest of horses and many of our liveries take advantage of the space inside the stable for extra storage by adding trunks and boxes inside them. All our stables are well lit both on the inside and on the yard. We also have the added benefit of automatic waterers in every stable.


The main arena is 42m x 50m and is floodlit, it has a sand/rubber silica surface, excellent drainage and a selection of jumps available for use. There is plenty of room for multiple riders to use the arena at the same time while still having plenty of space to work their horse.



 Our horse walker is ideal for situations where you might need to limit your horse’s turnout. Perhaps your horse has an injury and can’t be turned out in a field, or maybe he just needs a break from the grass; the horse walker provides a way to keep your horse moving and prevent boredom when on limited turnout.


Another wonderful addition to our yard is the indoor groundwork arena. The arena is 20m x 15m and has a rubber/silica surface. This is the perfect space to use for horsemanship skills and lunging.



Stabled liveries have access to year-round turn out. Your horse can have an individual turnout paddock, or be turned out in a larger with a small mixed herd of five to seven horses


We maintain a training arena on a flat area of grassland. It can be set up as a short or long dressage arena so you can practice for competitions that aren’t on prepared services. You can also use it to polish up your ridden showing technique



We have 900 acres of private land for off road hacking. The countryside here is beautiful and with no need to go on the road, you can enjoy a nice peaceful hack with areas suitable for trotting and cantering. You can even have a gallop if you like!


Grass livery at Shenley stud includes plentiful grazing plus hay in the winter months. A tie-up area is provided, and you can have storage in the main yard and use facilities such as school and round pen for a small extra cost.

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Shenley Stud, Rectory Farm, Rectory Lane, Shenley WD7 9AL